Wood flooring has a timeless natural beauty. It never goes out of style!

Tastes change periodically, and that requires minor tweaks and updates. This is what you can expect to see.

Random width

Random width is sometimes referred to as mixed width. It refers to when a designer uses planks of different widths to create unique layouts.

Herringbone was the original parquet pattern of solid hardwood flooring in the 1970s and is, once again, trending. Others are diagonal stripes, chevron patterns, and basket weaves.

Wide planks

Wide planks are traditional, and, because of the size, there's more room to display knots and swirls. However, they work just as well in other atmospheres with the right furnishings.

They can either make a room look larger or smaller. Feel free to come into our hardwood flooring company if you have questions.

White-washed floors

Light colors, as a whole, are currently trending, but white-washed wood is trending. This works with any decor from farmhouse/rustic to urban modern, shabby chic, and more.

The wood is treated with white paint or a white sealer with the grains still showing. The result is a weathered look.

Engineered hardwood

Solid wood flooring is one thickness throughout. Engineered is a layered construction. At the top is the beautiful veneer layer with a slab of hardwood, knots, grains, swirls, and undertones.

Underneath are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a bit of resin and placed crosswise. The result is a floor that's more stable and better able to handle water.

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